Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

My first impression of Bulgaria is that it is an old country. Leaving Burgas Airport we passed farm after farm, sunflower field after sunflower field. The houses are small, made out of rock and have orange roofs. Cosy, calm and inviting.


Green as far as the eye can see

However, from the the good kind of old, to the “needs refurbishing”-kind. In Sunny Beach, the sidewalk is cracked (suitcase vs sidewalk? Sidewalk), the bins are overflowing, and the four star hotel I’m staying at? Probably not going to recommend it to anyone.


Now, this impression might be unfair. Sunny Beach is infamous for having people visit only to party, so I suspect this place is different without the tourists.


A typical beach activity? 

BUT, negativity aside, the locals are helpful (albeit surprised that a tourist would rather find the local bus than take a taxi). They have all the time in the world (except when driving, watch out), and have a general friendliness about them that makes them easy to approach.


I love big waves ❤

Finally – it’s warm. Oh sweet warmth, I haven’t had much of you in Norway. In addition, the beach is amazing, and I’m here with two good friends. First impressions can be deceptive; who knows what this trip will become? Five (probably awesome) days left!

The Summer Bucket List

Even though I might have given you another impression in my previous post, I don’t plan on spending the whole summer “just” breathing. No, the sun is shining and Norway is waking up again! I want to find new mountains to hike, go see the sunset and find beaches I haven’t visited before. I want to spend night after night awake. On purpose.


And eat a whole lot of this…

Every summer I have this idea that this will be the one; the one time that I do everything that I want to do. Somehow I always end up not doing half of the stuff I plan. Summer 2016 is going to be different! So what if I start working again in July, I’ll find the time. I hereby commit to having as much fun as I can! If you want to do the same, but are lacking ideas, here’s my list. Feel free to comment with more!

  1. Go fishing
  2. Try to make popsicles
  3. Join a tour of my own city
  4. Try to make Norwegian food from scratch
  5. See the sunset (multiple times!)
  6. Blow bubbles ❤
  7. Find a new favorite beach
  8. Spend a ridiculous amount of time with my friends

Why I Need a Staycation After a Vacation

I recently returned from a trip to Italy. It was beautiful, sunny and filled with fun adventures. It was also exhausting. I went from one place to another, and from there to somewhere else. Always new impressions. Always lots of people. No matter how much I might love this, because trust me I do – it drains me. I just came home from a vacation, so now I’m in desperate need of a staycation.

I need some quality time with these guys ❤

Have you heard of it before? It’s holidays spent at home. For me a staycation is usually more relaxing than a vacation. I know the enviornment; I am always in complete control. This doesn’t mean that a staycation have to be boring. Sometimes I choose to use my days to breath, and that’s all I’ll really do, but other times I’ll create new memories at every possible chance. I’ll go hiking, go on a roadtrip or try to come up with some new way of having fun.

Breathe. Breathe in the fresh summer evenings. Breathe in the silence. 

It comes down to the fact that I can choose which one I want – I can close my eyes and rest, or I can keep them wide open until I change my mind. I can just sleep, sleep until I’m ready to face the world once more. I believe that everyone needs a staycation, simply because everyone needs a break. These days vacations are filled with everything, and sometimes we need time filled with nothing.

Nothing but your crazy self!

The City of Fashion

Milan. Milano. The world’s fashion capital and the moral capital of Italy. I had one day to check out what the rave is all about. Walking around, the Italians of Milan seemed to me to be very Italian – dark haired, relaxed, friendly and with a hint of dramatic. The citizens of Milan weren’t better or worse dressed than Italians elsewhere (in my opinion they’re all pretty well dressed). Perhaps I’m just not in the loop of where the fashonistas hang out these days.


If you can’t find people, find food. Lasagne

On my way to one of the most popular tourist attractions of Milan, the Duomo cathedral, I spotted a lot of street artists. In Norway we generally have few of them, so I stopped and looked at nearly everyone. They create a certain atmosphere, and in lack of a better word I’ll call it energetic. It makes people smile, which I just love.



Being the fifth largest Christian church in the world, it’s no wonder my first impression of the Duomo Cathedral was that it is massive. Rising to 108 meters and with more statues than any other church, it demanded my attention even from far away. As I came closer I took in it’s gothic style and realized the outside is so detailed that I could have looked at it for hours and still not have seen everything. Naturally I wanted to go to the top. I wanted to go inside too, but the queue was longer than endless. We’re talking hours, so that just wasn’t happening.


Which was too bad, because if the outside looks like this, imagine the inside!

All in all, Milan has made a great first impression on me. I wish I had had more time to explore and get a feel for the city. However, as I am currently on my way to Florence, all I can do is say “Arrivederci, Milano!”


The view from the top of the Duomo Cathedral.