The Theft

It happened in the blink of an eye, we were getting on a bus, and while I stepped on – I felt a push. I steadied myself, and just knew. I knew, but it was too late. I looked down and my purse was open. I searched it to be sure, but my wallet? It was gone.

To my surprise, I got the wallet back. I was trying to explain the situation to my friends, when a lady tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to the floor. My wallet. I picked it up and thanked her, not even considering that she might be the thief. But she could have been. Anyone can be a thief.


I wonder where they went with my money…

I feel somewhat lucky in my misfortune, because they left my card. It appears Bulgarian thieves are quite like the rest of Bulgaria – old fashioned. However, I also have this strange sensation in my stomach. Empty? Angry? Mostly confused I think, and a bit… Humiliated? They didn’t get much; I always spread my valuables, but still – someone targeted me, and I, the supposedly seasoned traveler, was unable to prevent it.


Perhaps the thief/ the thieves will buy themselves something tasty – too bad not for me too.

Back at the hotel, my friends still kindly comforting me, one of them realized that she had been robbed too. In her case they had managed to slip the wallet back into her purse. We have no idea how, and writing this, I can’t help but be a little impressed. It is a cruel way to make a living, but it definitely takes speed and skill.

Have any of you ever been robbed? All comments appreciated!



Dreaming Again

If I could go anywhere – where would I be headed right now? In this instance, probably back to bed. My classes really start too early this year. But if I look past that, where?

The first part of 2016 was all about dreams. I finally traveled Norway, I volunteered in Australia, and I did more of the things that makes me happy. In the last part of the year I started Nursing School. It was a roller coaster of emotions, but eventually I settled in in my new home, and I guess you could say my new life.

Nothing is easy, but most things are possible

When I dream, I dream big. I want to go to places I cannot get to. I want to experience things I probably never will. To me, dreaming is innocent, dreaming is for everyone, and dreams are not meant to be contained. For a while last year I stopped dreaming, stopped because I thought it would make me unfocused, because nursing is a dream – and dreaming two at once is simply too much to ask.

My heart is almost always restless

Today I realized I was wrong. Of course I can dream several dreams at once. I can want to travel the world and still want to do my best at school. I can dream about Antarctica at the same time as I try to understand neurology. Dreaming is scary; it is frightening to open oneself up to the possibility of failure – of never seeing the dreams through. However, dreaming also makes one creative, and so this year I resolve to travel, even though I’m studying. I resolve to find a way to make the most of 2017.

And to share it with all of you.

The Year with Two Autumns

I just had a realization. This is my second fall. I was walking through boatloads of leaves and smelling the fresh air. Suddenly, for the split second it took me to look from the swaying trees to me feet, I was transported to the other side of the world. For a moment I was in Australia and not in Norway. For a moment I expected sandals and not my usual worn out shoes.

So for a moment that’s what I saw.

Then the moment was over.


And I missed it so much.

9 Hopes for Australia

I’m leaving the 9th of April to volunteer with animals in Cairns, Queensland. I am starting to get really stoked and slightly nervous. And as it is my birthday today, I’d like to use the opportunity to wish for the best present I can get – a good trip!

Here’s a few hopes for my trip:

1. Take a kangaroo selfie
2. Hold a koala
3. Have a good time at my volunteer project
4. Make new international friends
5. Dive in the Great Barrier Reef
6. Successfully escape a dangerous spider
7. Don’t be killed be a venomous snake
8. Don’t be eaten by a crocodile
9. Get off the island alive.

“Adventure, yeah. I guess that’s what you call it when everybody comes back alive.”
– Mercedes Lackey

P.S. Disclaimer: None of these pictures are mine.

Signs of Spring

Ah, the fresh breeze and light rain. The smell of tulips and dirt. Greener grass, and broader smiles – it’s spring again.


Spring means something different to every person. To some it means a change in the seasons, to some it means cleaning. To me it means both of the above and the worldmap hanging in my room; time to plan my vacation.

Scratch-maps ❤

Everyone wants a summer holiday. Every Norwegian want at least one week in the sun. When spring approaches I have the urge to stare at the map more often than usual. Where to this year?


Italy. Pizza. Sun. Culture. Fashion. The mafia (just kidding).

How about you? Where is everyone going this year?