A Fairytale


Once upon a winter there was a street filled with dull and naked trees.

It was on top of a hill, only vistited by the people who lived there.

Gradually they felt colder and colder, and eventually gave up hope for warmer days.

But then, from a faraway place, spring came.

He whispered about a light breeze and long sunny days.

He told tales of the ocean, and hot sand between toes.

The trees listened, and blossomed once more.

The people listened, and smiled like they did before.


And when the birds came to Fairytale street,

They were told to spread the news

She’s coming, Summer’s coming.

The one who will make us believe

In everything good, in everything sweet.

She will give us a happy ever after

If so only,

For a season.

A student, but a Blogger

I can’t believe that it’s already been two months since school started. I can’t believe that it’s just 10 weeks to my last exam. Time passes by so quickly, too quickly, and there’s so much to learn. There’s so much to experience.

Such as watching Zombie-walks!

I underestimated the difficulty of nursing studies. I never thought it would be easy, but I never thought it would be this difficult either. When I started I was prepared for having to read a lot, but I didn’t foresee my own reaction to several of the topics. I didn’t foresee my own need to feel good at what I’m going to work with in the future. I need to know that my patients will be as good taken care of in my hands as they would be in my colleagues’.

By what you just read you would think I spend all my time reading. However, I have a great deal of fun too. Probably more than I should. I love the freedom of being on my own. I love solving all the minor problems that pop up. I love making my own mistakes, even the ones I said I’d never do.

Rumor has it I washed something red with my light-colored clothes…

Blogging and studying is getting problematic, but as I still love to interact with you; to share and receive – I’ll continue doing it anyway. I think there will be more picture-posts in the future though, and maybe I’ll post more seldom. I hope you are all well and enjoying your everyday!

Five Students – One Lecture

Most people have been there; in a large room getting warmer by the minute. Filled with too many students. The only sounds the lecturer’s voice and fingers on keyboards. I wish.

1. The sleeper. No matter how much I concentrate – I can’t shut out her snoring. I (barely) resist the urge to “accidentally” spill my water on her.

2. The chewer. That blonde who just can’t stop chewing that gum. Occasionally snapping it. Loudly. Her phone vibrates every other minute. Every other minute.

3. The loud whisperer. The guy whispering none-stop to the girl next to him. Ten bucks they’re together before the semester ends.

4. The writer. He notes everything the lecturer says, and has ink from his pen smeared over his left chin. He’s going to get an A in this, I just know it.

5. The new girl. Unsure of what kind of student she is, she sits almost at the front. She’s twirling a pen between her fingers, trying to ignore all the distractions around her. Trying to ignore all the distractions in her own head. However, she fails and starts thinking about the world outside the crowded room – and her pen slips between her fingers and flies into the back of the head of the guy in front of her.

Yes, that last person is me.

A 100 Times I’ve Told You

My secrets. My thoughts. My feelings. I’ve given you my words. To have and to hold. Bits and pieces of a life lived far, far away from your own. This is my hundred post.


A 100 times I’ve told you thank you. Yet, I feel like it should be 101. Thank you.

The Importance of a Thrown Pen.

It was during a lecture it happened.

I was twirling my pen between my fingers, and somehow, it slipped. However, instead of falling to the floor with the usual soft sound, it flew into the backhead of the guy sitting in front of me. He promtly turned, to see who exactly threw a pen at him. Our conversation went like this:

“What?” he asked.
“Um, I just- It slipped.” I smiled tryingly.
“”It slipped.”… Into the back of my head?”
“Well, yeah! I was twirling it and then-”
“Sure, that’s what happened.” He turned back,

Leaving me with a half open mouth and an urge to actually throw my pen at him.

My weapon of choice, apparently.